Mmmm. Apple Cider

By January 6, 2016No Comments

There ain’t nothing quite like fresh apple cider, straight from the press… Especially not if you made it yourself in the apple press that you also made yourself.

Now making your own DIY apple press isn’t all that hard. You just need a few sturdy boards and a car jack. What is a little more tricky is making your own apple shredder. We made ours using a cylindrical piece of wood and screwing a metric shit ton of screws into it. Then we mount the shredder in a little custom wooden box, hook up one of the old drills to it and dump the apples right in there.

The apple shredder spits em into a bucket. Then we dump it into a linen cloth which we put into the squisher bucket. Then the car jack does the squeezing.

This year has been a great apple year and we’ve managed over 250 liters during the season. A lot of it is tossed straight into our face holes within a few days, some is frozen for the christmas season, a bunch is fermented into hard cider and the rest is turned into apple cider vinager. Dagnabit, I love apples!

We also done ended up in a fairly largish news magazine doing our thing:


Our apple press made the headlines

Our DIY apple press made the headlines